Spot Landing Contest

The objective is to touch down without bouncing as close to the designated spot as possible but not short of it. The judges will estimate the distance from where the main gear stays down on the ground back to the spot. Closest wins. 

The spot we have chosen is the near side of the 1000 foot markers on either runway 23 or 05. We will use 23 if the winds are light & variable. The image used below isn’t KBPK (Baxter County Airport).



  • Each pilot gets 1 try.  If a landing is made before the line is reached, it counts as a landing. 
  • Please make your normal calls on the radio around the pattern. The judges and Air Boss will be monitoring the frequency on a handheld radio if you need to communicate with them.


  • At no time should you let the contest interfere with the safety of all concerned. If you are too close to another plane or encounter any other safety related issue, go around, and this won’t be counted against you.
  • Use good judgment on final approach. Don’t stretch the glide too far and let the airspeed get into the danger zone. If the situation doesn’t look right, it probably isn’t, so be prudent. Show good judgment at all times.