Pilots Briefing – 2017

Schedule for July 15th  (see home page for more info)
KBPK – use CTAF frequency 123.0
Big Air will discount fuel prices by $0.25
You may arrive the day before….we will try to find a hangar for your airplane.
Fly-In Flyer: PilotsPropsFlyIn

There’s a feeling out there that flying is only for rich folks and airplanes are very dangerous machines. You can help change these perceptions by bringing your airplane and/or showing up to meet, greet, and inform.

Age Restriction: We will attempt to keep young visitors (< 14) away from the static aircraft display. With an owner’s permission, they may approach that specific aircraft.

Aircraft Specification Sheets: If you plan to have your aircraft on display tomorrow, I will try to find a specification/advertising sheet for make/model. I will print up about 100 sheets for the public to take home. Either send me the PDF file if available or email the make/model and I will try to find a spec sheet.

0800 – Arrivals begin
0900 – Spot landing contest begins – http://pilotsprops.org/spot-landing-contest/
(Notice: the contest will be canceled if the chance for rain exceeds 20%; however, it looks like the contest is on given the current forecast!)
1000 – Spot landing contest ends
1030 – EAA Chapter 775 Meeting & awarding of prizes provided by Big Air, LLC
(One or more naval aviators will talk & answer questions for our program)
1130 – Lunch begins – BBQ – Hosted by Integrity First Bank
1300 – Prop Talk – Tom Meadows – Naval Aviation
1315 – Prop Talk – Frank Maslakow – Flight Instruction
1330 – Prop Talk – Gene Sullivan – Engine Repair
1345 – Prop Talk – Jim Davis – Nine Months to Give – Flight to 48 states
1400 – Prop Talk – Dr. Bill Black – Landing On A Carrier
1415 – Prop Talk – Bob Crissman – Helicopters
1430 – Prop Talk – Air Evac Lifeteam
1445 – Prop Talk –
1500 – Event ends

Spot Landing Prizes: 
1st Place (50 Gal. 100LL – Big Air)
2nd Place (AirEvac One Year Family Membership)
3rd Place (T-Shirt & Flight Bag – Big Air)

Air Boss – Charlie Hooper
Photography – Paul Comer
Greeters – CAP Cadets
Safety – CAP Cadets